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Our residential property search is an ideal, comprehensible service for clients who are struggling with either time, resources, or knowledge of property condition or the local area, or even a mix of all the above. We source high end properties within the local area, or further in the case of relocation, to enable you to purchase you dream home.

The property market can be difficult at times, although there can be great rewards through an acquisition, sales that fall through can be frustrating and lead to a lot of valuable time being wasted. Throughout this process we work exclusively for yourselves, the purchasers, with your needs at heart, with all our negotiations being on your behalf, working strategically and tactically to deliver your dream home in the right time frame.

The basis of our residential property search is to work with you, becoming part of a team by finding you the:
– Right House
– Right Location
– Right Price
This saves you valuable time, effort and extra expenses, as we oversee everything from the initial meeting, through to the exchange and completion of contracts. Alongside our Country and Equestrian Property Search, we can provide a selection of high-end town or city living houses, whatever your needs may be, taking all your desires and aspirations from the initial meeting through to the viewing stage.

We also take into account the local area when determining whether a property is suitable for our clients requirements, using our local knowledge to give you a full assessment, including everything from travel links and schools, to sports clubs and medical services, giving you peace of mind when purchasing a property. We also understand that purchasing a residential property is a big investment, needing thought and time, which is often difficult to find if you have a thriving career, our residential property search relieves some of that time and stress from your hands.

We are independent and impartial, acting with your interests at the forefront of all our investigations and negotiations and utilizing our property experience to your advantage by assessing the building condition and suitability before shortlisting final properties for you to go and view. Contact Us for more location on our residential property search and relocation services.

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