Signage Applications

Local authorities offer pre-application advice before applying so any amendments can be made prior to submission. Signage applications deal with any form of advertisement from posters and notices to traffic signs or even village name signs. The council ultimately determines which advertisements are allowed to run. Permission is also usually granted for 5 years, but in some cases this can be shorter or longer.

There are 5 standard conditions that must be met before an outdoor advertisement can run, they must:
– Be clean and tidy
– Be kept in a safe condition
– Have permission to be displayed from the owner of the site (including Highway Authority if it is placed on their land
– Not obscure or hinder the view of road, rail, waterway or aircraft signs or make use of these transports hazardous
– Be removed carefully when required to by the planning authority

Most signs such as shop fronts and small advertisements are usually permitted without the need for an application unless you are in a Conservation Area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

signage down old street

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