Flood Risk Assessments

flood zones throughout south lincolnshire and surrounding counties

Depending on your location your planning application might need to be accompanied by a Flood Risk Assessment. If you’re based in the Lincolnshire area there is a high probability that you will require some form of Flood Risk Assessment when undertaking any work to your property. The depth of the assessment can vary, depending on which flood zone you are in and the work that will be undertaken for example minor developments or changes of use in flood zone 2 or 3, a change of use to a more vulnerable class such as residential in flood zone one when they are less than one hectare into the flood zone.

Generally the Environment Agency offer advice on carrying out a flood risk assessment if the development is in certain areas of flood zones 2 and 3. It is easier and more accurate to enlist the services of a flood risk specialist to carry out the assessment and local authorities have the right to refuse planning without a complete or satisfactory flood risk assessment.

As our company is based in South Lincolnshire (Flood Zone 3 and above) we have vast experience submitting applications requiring a flood risk assessment so for any queries, contact us.

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