Change Of Use

floorplan of a storage barn

When a property is built the Town and Country Planning Order 1987 determines what a particular property can be used for, such as commercial, retail or residential. Planning rules are always subject to change, so it is best to check on whether you need planning permission to change the use of your property.

As a simple guideline for Changes of Use, if the proposed use and the present use fall within the same class, for example a café turning into a restaurant, then a planning application is not needed. If the use is changing from one class to another then typically planning permission is needed, but there are certain exceptions to this rule so it is always best to make contact with local authority.

Change of use can also be for materials on both building and land, which is considered as a form of development and in these cases planning permission is also required. Some buildings do not fall into any class, and these are known as Sui Generis and include properties such as Casinos or Agricultural Buildings however these can still be subject to planning permission.

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