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Whether you’re looking for a property set in rural countryside to escape the hustle of town and city living, or you’re a keen equestrian with dreams of having your horses at home, our team can help find you the ideal equestrian property with our Equestrian Property Search.

Our team has a growing total of 17 years within the equestrian industry and we understand the importance of making sure that your horses will be just as happy as you in their new home. Everything from land availability, condition of stables or outbuildings and the quality of the grass are just some of our considerations when it comes to searching for your dream equestrian property, after all you wouldn’t want your pride and joy in anything less than a field full of lush grass!

Whilst conducting some market research, a similar pattern began to emerge within the equestrian world, the wish list for stables, arenas, solariums and good grazing was getting bigger, but with many forgetting the fundamental part of an equestrian property, the house! Speaking from the heart of an equestrian, I’ve found myself willing to compromise my living standards so my horses will want for nothing, but the quality of the equestrian property must be taken into account if you’re working within a budget.

Unfortunately, as with anything that can be labelled as ‘Equestrian’ there’s always a hefty price tag! As if our horses don’t take enough of our money anyway, finding an affordable equestrian property with all the required facilities can prove no easy feat! Therefore a key theme running through responses to our research was that buying a good patch of land was paramount, then building a property and stables would come after. 

A careful consideration for this before opting to buy land is ensuring that you will receive planning permission for a house, quite often land comes with either agricultural or equestrian clauses meaning building a residential property would not be possible. But to save falling into that trap, this is where our services come into play, with experience in building regulations and countrywide legislation we can do all the leg work for you, and make sure that permission will be granted for any buildings on the land.

For the more competitive equestrians (the brave ones), another factor whilst buying an equestrian property to house our four-legged team mates, is location! Although your chances of seeing horses whenever you leave the house is extremely likely, being close to large competition venues can be challenging. Although we would all love to be a stones throw from Hickstead or Hartpury College and other major venues, some element of travel must be considered. If you’re not restricted to work related parameters (like most of us are), then living within a 10 mile radius of some major competition venues would be great, but placing yourself near good main roads is crucial, so that if travel is inevitable, at least the journey can be as smooth as possible. 

Or if your idea of adventure is a hack round the village (which definitely makes you just as brave), you would need to look at the quality of roads around you, are they safe to hack on? Are they prone to flooding or becoming covered in mud when winter hits? You need to consider your daily yard routine, because being a quick walk away from a competition would be wonderful, unless all you wanted to do was hack and have no access to off-road riding! Equally you might have fantastic hacking, on and off-road, but being 60+ miles away from a prominent competition venue would leave you a little stuck. 

country and equestrian property search woman riding horse into the distance

The type of horse you have can also massively influence the type of  equestrian property or land you might choose. A big, leggy, ever-so-slightly-psychopathic thoroughbred might require a little more leg room than a robust little we-don’t-know-what-breed-but-there’s-definitely-welsh-in-there-somewhere, who stays at ‘show condition’ just by looking at grass. Likewise a field shelter might suffice for the little pony, whereas the ever so sassy thoroughbred absolutely must have a stable or else they will throw themselves over the fence to escape the rain. 

An arena would be completely necessary for a dressage diva or up and coming show-jumper, but if schooling is your idea of watching paint dry, then an arena could just take up field space that would be much more valuable to you, therefore giving you another of many things to consider when trying to find your perfect equestrian property.

So as you can see, trying to find your dream Equestrian Property is not an easy challenge, so let us take some of the legwork from you, we will work with you to compose a list of everything you need and everything you like, and can save you scrolling through pages of google and attending half-hearted viewings! You can be sure that we can find you a home that you, and your horse, can be happy in!

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