Building Engineers in Lincolnshire

Richards Architectural, headed by Richard Wenman, our qualified Building Engineer, prepares your Working Drawings for Building Regulation Approval.

Working Drawings

Working Drawings are the drawings builders refer to during construction of your project.

Technical Working Drawings, Building Control, Richards Architectural headed by Richard Wenman is our qualified Building Engineer who prepares your Working Drawings for Building Regulation Approval

Technical Working Drawings form a completely separate application to your planning application architectural drawings. The Working Drawings discuss everything, from foundation and construction, right through to the insulation on your roof, and include all the specifications for your build.

The working drawings are sent to Building Control to form part of your Building Regulation Application, which provides your contractor with all the information he will need to quantify and construct your building.

Building Surveys and Building Condition Reports

Building Surveys are often carried out prior to carrying out an extension or purchase of property.

run down building in poor condition

Richards Architectural are qualified Building Engineers so not only are we involved with the architectural design and construction of buildings, we can also provide you with more detailed information of the condition of a building.

If you are planning to purchase a property, or are involved with the renovation, extension or refurbishment of a large, old or run down building, Richards Architectural can offer you a comprehensive Building Condition Report.

Following the Building Survey, the detailed, structural Building Condition Report identifies any structural defects and offers repair or maintenance options.

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