Planning Consultations and Advice

When a planning application is submitted there is always time designated to consultation. 

The consultation period usually lasts for 21 days. This designated period of time allows different parties to express their views on the proposed development. 

There are 3 different parties who are allowed to express their views with the council under typical circumstances ranging from neighbours, who are informed of the work that will be undertaken, usually via letter but also posted around the site. The council also has to give statutory consultees a consultation period by law. They are usually a specific group or body who are obliged to reply to the councils request. Lastly the council can also request the consultation of others who they feel may have an interest in the development or if it impacts local planning policies. 

As with most planning legislation the specifics often vary between councils, so it’s always best to check the consultation period of your local area. 

One the consultation period has come to a close, the planning officers will then determine the outcome of the application. 

As we act as your planning agent throughout the process, part of our responsibility is to respond to any comments or objections raised within this consultation period which gives your application the best chance of success. 

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